HIITHub offers in body analysis for accurate weight and Body Fat %, MyZone heart rate monitors for accurate tracking of calories burned and cardio fitness and one rep max tests for strength checking.

In body analysis:

At the start of your membership and each month thereafter HIITHub provides the opportunity for you to check your weight, muscle mass and body fat %.  This allows us to track results that cant always be seen and see make sure you are on the right track to success.

Heart rate monitor:

Purchase you’re MyZone heart rate monitor at HIITHub so you can see in real time if you are working hard enough and how many calories you are burning! Record each session on your profile and watch yourself get ‘heart healthy’. MyZone then sends you your personal workout results at the end of each session.

One rep Max:

Once a month or at the start of strength based training blocks join us to see and record what your one rep max on the 3 major lifts are. Bench press, squat and deadlift. Once we have these on record we can see real results of strength inproving.



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